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100 Trumpet Etudes (Performers’ Show Prep) By Phil Collins


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100 Trumpet Etudes by Phil Collins is one of his longest and best forays into writing original studies for the trumpet based on orchestral styles. The wit and whimsy of these studies is guaranteed to delight you, and the added instructions and blurbs give context that shines a spotlight on why each etude was written and what you should be aiming for with each. Below I am going to copy Phil’s foreword as well as a testimonial from Chase Sanborn. Give the samples a try, then click above for an immediate digital download.

From the foreword: “100 Trumpet Etudes is a follow-up to Trumpet 1 “Pops Orchestra” book. Inspired by many composers and styles from the orchestral repertoire, these studies are designed to set the stage for the trumpet player. The comments will help provide pictures and direction for the tasks at hand.

Each of the etudes should strengthen technique and aid in practical show prep. A woodwind colleague often gave just the encouragement that was needed before important concerts, saying, “Work hard, but have fun!” The fun part can easily be forgotten. A goal of this book is to balance work and play.”

Chase Sanborn says “100 Trumpet Etudes contains 100 full-length etudes that prepare you for the challenges of the orchestral repertoire. Phil cleverly incorporates myriad technical challenges into a musical context, kind of like hiding the broccoli. Many of the etudes are referenced to specific pieces in the classical trumpet repertoire.

As with his Pops Orchestra book, the pages are sprinkled with Phil’s wit and wisdom, providing the reader with insightful tips about how to approach the studies, and music in general. He gives you the musical motivation for each etude. You develop not only the technical side of your playing but also your powers of musical expression.

More challenging than the etudes in his Pops Orchestra book, 100 Trumpet Etudes is geared towards a moderately advanced player, but players at all levels will enjoy having a go at these.

Even if you already have a shelf full of etude books, you will enjoy adding Phil Collins’ books to your repertoire. They are fun to play and highly beneficial. They will spend more time on your music stand than on the shelf.”

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