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100 Studies for Bb Trumpet By Mel Broiles


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I am thrilled to announce a partnership with the Mel Broiles estate to re-release all of his method books exclusively at qPress. As many of you know, Mel was principal trumpet of the Metropolitan Opera from 1958 until he retired in 2003. He is widely held as one of the finest orchestral players in modern history, and was a larger then life character all at the same time.

100 Studies for Bb trumpet is one of the longest books that Mel Broiles ever wrote for the trumpet. At just over 100 pages, it gives you an idea of the length of these studies. Funny enough, the only trumpeter who would ever write a book called 100 Studies for Trumpet and actually put 101 studies in it is definitely Mel Broiles!

These studies begin at an intermediate level and work up to an advanced level of difficulty. One of the best things about the books of Mel Broiles is that they require not only a technical command of the instrument, but also a tremendous amount of musicality. You could say that his writing is a mirror image to the qualities a player must possess if he is to hold a job in a top level orchestra.

To the left you will see samples from the beginning and end of the book. When you are ready, click above for an immediate digital download or a print edition.

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