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10 Characteristic Studies By Franz Blaha


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PLEASE READ: This book fascinates me, and I am making the first few bits of it available for next to nothing. Any info you have on this book should be sent to me using the contact page and when I get the rest of the sheets it will be up for sale in its entirety (and you will get the full book at no extra charge if you purchase the first few etudes at this cheap price).

Here is the deal with this book: It is exceptionally rare. There is one copy of it in a public collection, it does not circulate, and it is in terrible shape. I was lucky enough to have an audience with this book and was able to reproduce 9 pages from the 10 Characteristic studies. Why is this interesting? It is incomplete. It has all of study #1, 2, 3 and 10, but does not have the middle studies. This is bizarre because the page numbers are sequential, going from pages 1-9 through etudes 1, 2, 3 and 10 without a break, suggesting that there are no pages missing…my question to you is this: Do you know is there are actually 7 more etudes, or is this some kind of conspiracy?

Check out the sample to the left and get in on this project for a few bucks above. Any leads you have I would love to hear. Thanks everyone!

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