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“Technology is the “wave of the present” and can extend the experience of students far beyond the time and space limita- tions of conventional materials. More and more teachers are finding that technology has become central to their teaching and professionalization. It is an exciting time to be a music educator!” – Raquel Rodriquez | ITG Journal


ITG Review: Technology in the Trumpet Studio

I have long been a champion of using technological means to increase student understanding in private lessons. Just as metronomes, tuners, and microphones once invaded trumpet studios and provided immediate feedback and sped up development so too will smartphones, tablets, and modern software, removing friction and increasing awareness in students and teachers alike. One of qPress’ main missions is to make as much digital music available to as many people as possible. With great learning tools at our fingertips we can make great strides in improving our abilities and furthering our art form.


What ITG Had To Say

Raquel Rodriquez, after outlining the benefits of apps like SmartMusic, iReal b, and iBooks, said this about qPress:

A great resource for finding PDF trumpet books is qPress (http://wordpress-491097-1839860.cloudwaysapps.com/editions). This site makes available standard trumpet books in PDF format files that are optimized for digital screen and home printing. Usage is not limited at all, and files can be put onto any digital device and used with any eBook organizing software. In addition, purchased items can be downloaded up to five times on five different computers. The following are just a few items from their library:

• 100 Studies for Trumpet by Ernst Sachse
• 16 Etudes de perfectionnement (16 Advanced Studies) by Reginaldo Caffarelli
• 36 Etudes Transcendantes by Théo Charlier
• 36 Celebrated Studies for Trumpet by N.Bousquet
• Clarke Technical Studies by Herbert L. Clarke


Hitting the Nail on the Head

Raquel was correct in highlighting one of the main tenants of this business: we do not limit your usage. We would love to see all of your music on your iPad, your smartphone, and printed off to use in your studio. We trust our customers and do not put restrictive DRM on our digital products. We just ask that everyone purchase their own copies to help support new music in our community and to give us the opportunity to make more great music available to trumpet players everywhere. As customers you vote with your wallets; If a service is meaningful to you, you support it with purchases, and if not, it folds under its own cost of operation. So far our customers have overwhelming voted for qPress to keep bringing digital editions to the marketplace, and for that we thank you.

Special thanks to ITG and Raquel Rodriquez for the kind words. It means so much to see this humbling sight in your publication after so many years as a reader and member. Click here to learn more about ITG and what they have to offer members.


Timothy Quinlan, Founder | qPress

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