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The Top Ten World’s Shortest Trumpet Books

I have come across many books which are exceedingly short. Some as little as 5 pages. What astounds me is that these short books hold some of the most useful daily routines in publication today. To make this blog post I dug through nearly 500 books in the qPress collection and found the top 10 shortest books in the trumpet canon. Have a look around and click through for in-depth descriptions. I think you will like what you find.

Summer Practice Routine

Summer Practice Routine

Chris Gekker is one of our favourite trumpet players at qPress. Tone and musicianship like his are things all trumpeters should aspire to. In this blog post he outlines his summer practice routine so you can try it out yourself. There is no better time to get in shape then the dog days of summer. Check it out right here.

Welcome to qPress 2.0

When I launched qPress in the summer of 2010 the mission was very simple. I wanted to create a website that would connect composers and trumpet players to facilitate to spread of quality new music to the trumpet community. The more great music we can get our hands on, the more great music gets performed, and the audience for our art form grows.

Fast forward four years and the mission hasn’t changed at all. I still make contact with composers on a regular basis, review new works, and try to get them online and ready to be performed as soon as possible. If anything, the mission has grown in ways that I did not originally anticipate. Early in development of the original qPress site, I partnered with Colin Music Publications to help bring digital editions of their books to a new audience. As the next crop of trumpet players are coming of age they are hoping to find literature that will help with their development but are more eager to buy digital editions than lug around heavy traditional scores. This is where qPress Editions are a great way to build up a digital library…

Your Library. Anywhere.

We Really do Mean Anywhere!

Name any major book retailer. Amazon. Apple. Barnes & Noble. They are massive companies, selling billions of dollars worth of books to customers all over the world. Why in the world would someone create a small niche bookstore in a market with such huge players already established? The reason is choice. And I don’t just mean the choice for customers to shop where they choose. I mean the choice to do whatever they want with their own music. Sheet Music is a completely different ball game than novels and non fiction, and the rights restrictions put on by the biggest companies put a stranglehold on the most basic actions you take with your traditional print music.