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The Top Ten World’s Shortest Trumpet Books

I have come across many books which are exceedingly short. Some as little as 5 pages. What astounds me is that these short books hold some of the most useful daily routines in publication today. To make this blog post I dug through nearly 500 books in the qPress collection and found the top 10 shortest books in the trumpet canon. Have a look around and click through for in-depth descriptions. I think you will like what you find.

Daily Embouchure Studies

Let’s see what EF Goldman had to say about his book “Daily Embouchure Studies”. You can have a look at some sample pages to the left and grab a PDF download above. From the author:

“These exercises were written twenty five years ago. I have just looked them over carefully with a view to improving upon them if possible. After careful thought and study I have no wish to alter or add a single note. Before writing them I had consulted the greatest cornetists and other brass authorities in the world-including the famous cornetist Jules Levy- and they were all agreed upon the proper method for improving the tone, securing power and endurance, and perfecting the technic. These exercises should in reality become the “Daily Prayer” of every brass instrument player. The playing of sustained tones is the most important form of exercise on any instrument whether it be brass, reed or string.

Volumes upon volumes have been written in the form of exercises, but nothing has or ever will be written that will improve the tone and strengthen the lips of a wind instrument player more quickly and permanently than the proper and simple practice of sustained tones regularly each day.”

Mancini’s Daily Studies

The idea behind Albert Mancini’s Daily Studies for Trumpet is that artists become great because they think. A thought should be behind every action, and by thinking while you practice you are able to do the seemingly impossible with little effort. These daily studies cover a wide range of activities, from flow studies, to velocity studies, to pedal tones and beyond. A great addition to the daily study repertoire and a refreshing look at common issues in trumpet playing.

Grab some samples to the left and get an immediate PDF download above.

Arban’s Daily Gymnastics

Benedict Vansek’s book “Arban’s Daily Gymnastics for Cornet or Trumpet,” is subtitled “the personal daily studies used by JB Arban, famous artist and author of the world renowned Arban Method.”

I give the extended subtitle because it is a perfect description of what the book is. It outlines a series of exercises done personally by Arban each day to maintain his facility on the instrument and keep him in tip top shape. The book covers Long Tones, Slurred Intervals, cycle of major scales, dominant 7th chords, extended intervals, descending harmonics, triplet lip flexibilities, cycle of major chords, chromatic studies, chords of the diminished 7th, then “Ancient Trumpet Studies”. The whole set can be practiced in about 20 minutes and is a wonderful daily routine to get you started.

Feel free to check out a sample page to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above. This is a routine you don’t want to miss.

62 Daily Exercises

Paudert’s 62 Daily Exercises for Trumpet is subtitled “In the Keys Most Commonly Used.” It is a series of 62 exercises in key signatures up to 3 sharps and 3 flats that can be used as technical practice for beginners, or as a starting point for intermediate and advanced players to do some transposing and range expansion. There is a wealth of scale and interval patterns in this book. More than enough to keep a young player busy, or to inspire a bit of maintenance practice for seasoned professionals. For people who know Paudert’s other books (view all here), this is a wonderful addition to the repertoire, and available in PDF form for the first only at qPress.

Samples to the left, and immediate PDF download above.

32 Daily Lip & Tongue Exercises for Trombone

Ernst Gaetke writes of these studies: “These lip and tongue exercises have been written for the very purpose of passing with ease from the bass to the treble areas of the trombone range and visa versa. These exercises afford the only means of overcoming this difficulty, as the manipulation of the sliding-tube impedes execution in quick time, treating these movement as a purely mechanical action solely dependent upon a skillfully trained right arm. These exercises have been divided into sections systematically arranged according to the degrees of technical difficulty. They are written for each position, to force the pupil to study it in every position which, as experience has taught, he would not do, of his own accord.”

This is a wonderful collection of lip flexibilities and tonguing exercises. Suitable to players at all levels and a staple to the repertoire of all serious players. Click to the left for samples then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Warm Ups & Daily Routines

Bell’s Warm Ups & Daily Routine offers trombone, baritone, and tuba players a structured daily routine they can use to get in shape and be ready for any challenges that on the horizon.

This book covers Long Tones, Articulation, Multiple Tonguing, Instructions for Beginners, an Extended Daily Routine, and an in-depth writeup on breathing and singing-style wind playing.

This book is part of the Bell Complete Method and offers a fantastic value for a book that you can use every single day.

Check out some samples to the left then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Trumpeter’s Daily Exercises

Julien Porret’s Daily Exercises for the Trumpeter has been translated into English here for the first time. It is a wonderful daily routine that players at all levels can use as a warm up and practice routine to prepare their lips for their daily work. Porret writes that:

“This document summarizes the essential parts of instrumental technique. It is a guide for the artist and a precious part of his daily routine. He will greatly profit by paying particular attention to the detail of the indicated variations below.”

There are enough suggested variations that it introduces a lot of variety to keep you engaged and focused on starting your day right. Cycle through your daily warm ups to keep interested and you are guaranteed to see steady improvement.

Click to the left to try it for free, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Daily Drills and Technical Exercises

Have you ever wondered how players like Wynton Marsalis have developed such strength, endurance, and control on the trumpet? This book holds the key. Every day Wynton would start with this book:

“During the first 15-20 minutes play long tones, soft, from second line G down to low G. For the next 30-45 minutes work with pages 5 and 6 in the Max Schlossberg book, varying the dynamics and the tempos. Try to play through every slur, getting an even, round sound on every note, and getting over the breaks in the instrument. Also, exercises 59 and 60 in the Schlossberg book are good to strengthen your lips.” -Wynton Marsalis

Written by renowned teacher Max Schlossberg, this book demonstrates his well-regarded methods on mastering the trumpet. It is especially useful for developing the upper register, from G2 to C5. Used by schools, universities, and conservatories the world over.

Click to the left for samples and to download your copy today!

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